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If you have a legal dispute with an insurance company, an employer, or any other type of business, I can help.

My name is Jeff Worley. I'm a solo practitioner with a general practice. I counsel people experiencing a broad range of legal problems in many different areas of the law. For example, I counsel those who recently have had an insurance claim denied. I represent people who have consumer protection claims against businesses. Also, I advise people who have legal disputes with their employers. These aren't the only types of matters I handle. I have a broad range of experience, and would be glad to discuss with you any legal problem you're experiencing.

The information I've provided on this site isn't legal advice. It's simply a resource, meant to provide some introductory information on various areas of the law that are common in nearly everyone's life. If you have a particular legal issue you're currently facing, seek the assistance of an attorney as soon as possible; because, as is true with most areas of the law, often there are important deadlines that must be met to protect your interests. So, whether you call me or call someone else, call an attorney soon as possible because time is of the essence.

Have you recently had an insurance claim denied?

Sometimes denied insurance claims can be reversed in an insured's favor without having to go to court. Often, however, claims can be resolved only by going to court. Ultimately, my goal is to keep my clients out of litigation because it's costly, time consuming, and stressful for people. However, I'm prepared to litigate a case if that's the best course of action. I can help you understand what your options are. Click here to learn more about denied insurance claims and what you can do about a denied claim.

Is small claims court a viable option when a legal dispute arises? flower at Moab

Sometimes people overlook small claims court as an option when a legal dispute arises. Small claims court has its limitations, but, depending on the particular situation, small claims court may be an option to consider. Click here to learn more about small claims court in North Carolina.

What is the Lemon Law; how do you know if a car is a lemon, legally?

The Lemon Law basically requires that a new car conform to the new car warranty. In other words, the car can't suffer from a defect. If the car does have a defect, and the owner properly reports the defect during the warranty period, then the manufacturer has to repair the defect or arrange to have the defect repaired. This is true whether or not the repairs are made after the expiration of the warranty; as long as the defect was reported before the end of the warranty period. Click here to learn more about the Lemon Law in North Carolina.

Can a non-compete agreement affect future job opportunities?

How restrictive can a non-compete agreement be and still be enforceable? First, it's important to understand the purpose or goal in having an employee sign a non-compete agreement. For the protection of the employer, non-compete agreements address issues such as non-disclosure of an employer’s confidential information, non-solicitation of an employer’s employees and clients, and non-competition with the employer. Click here to learn more about non-compete agreements in North Carolina.